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Businesses that have committed to the Quality Guild standard have to show the independent assessor that they have the systems in place to run their business effectively. They are monitored on 10 quality standards which includes customer satisfaction and complaints, in fact as the company joins, three previous customers are contacted to find out their experience of the company. Company references include such areas as;

The quality of the work supplied
Conduct of the staff member
Ability to meet deadlines

We also check that staff members are undergoing the relevant Health and Safety training appropriate for them to carry out their job and we provide training resources to ensure they are up to date.

We also check and hold on file members liability insurance certificates ensuring that your future suppliers are adequately insured.

We realise that this however, does not ensure that a company is going to do a great job every time. We ensure that the company has a complaints procedure where matters are dealt with speedily and appropriately. We also believe that a company who commits to these standards and are prepared to spend the time implementing the standards and training are the type of company you want to work with.

Customer references are checked prior to joining.
Every member is independently assessed annually by Quality Guild Inspectors.
All members have met the 10 Quality Guild Standards.
All members hold current liability insurance.

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