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QG Management Standards

If you are looking for information regarding the Quality Guild standards please check out our new website at www.qgstandards.co.uk

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Quality Guild - 18 Years old

Quality Guild is 18 this year and in that time it has helped hundreds of Cumbrian businesses win contracts through the implementation of an externally accredited Quality Management System (QMS)

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Changes to Terms and Conditions

Employers are not immune from all the talk of the need to take “austerity measures”. There may still enough work to be done but customers are looking to obtain that work for less cost and rather than looking at redundancies many employers are looking again at the possibility of changing terms and conditions to make themselves more competitive.

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Wall Planner

The image of the wall planner is available by clicking on full story, copying the link and placing in your browser

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Recruitment and the Equality Act

Following the introduction of the Equality Act in Autumn 2010, employers must be sure their recruitment practices are compliant if they are to minimize the risk of disability discrimination claims.

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Compromise Agreements

The use of compromise agreements in redundancy situations is a relatively recent development but should always be considered in a voluntary severance scenario where an enhanced redundancy package is being offered.

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Avoiding Bad Debt

It is unfortunate, but inevitable that, when you run a business, at some point you will have to deal with late and non-payers. One complication in recovering debts is when our clients come to us with insufficient information about their non-paying customer to establish the customer’s precise identity and/or legal status.

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Employment Law in 2010

Looking forward to 2010, the Queen’s speech, which was delivered last month, mentioned a number of employment law measures. The two main ones were reassertions by the Government of previous commitments including the progress of the Equality Bill. This will consolidate all existing discrimination legislation into a single Act. It is also intended to create greater transparency in relation to pay by, for example, banning “pay secrecy” clauses.

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Avoiding Employee Duvet Days

With the spread of swine flu, sickness absence is going to be a hot topic in the coming months. Although employers should never try to press those with contagious illnesses like flu to come into work, the inconvenience of genuine sickness absence is not normally taken to heart. However, repetitive short term absences can put a considerable strain on staff and can have a significant impact on an employer’s business effiency. It is often more annoying and costly than long term sickness absence because the unexpected nature of such absences makes them more difficult to plan for.

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Compromise Agreements

Although there has been much talk of the ‘green shoots of recovery’, the problems at General Motors and the threat to the UK’s Vauxhall plants is a reminder that the recession is very much still with us. In such times, redundancies become much more common place. The use of compromise agreements in redundancy situations is a relatively recent development but is increasingly common as employers seek to ‘soften the blow’ by offering enhanced redundancy packages, or try to speed up the process by perhaps not consulting with employees as thoroughly as they should, or merely seek to prevent employees complaining to a tribunal of unfair dismissal or anything else after they have been made redundant.

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