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Quality Guild - 18 Years old
Quality Guild is 18 this year and in that time it has helped hundreds of Cumbrian businesses win contracts through the implementation of an externally accredited Quality Management System (QMS) and many of our clients have subsequently gone on to implement ISO 9000. It is now accepted that an externally accredited QMS is a must have if you’re going to win contracts. Next in line is an externally accredited Environmental Management System (EMS), which will eventually go the same way. New for 2012 Quality Guild is able to offer an accredited Environmental Management System. Just like the Quality Management System is based on the ISO 9000 standard, the EMS system is based on ISO 14000. We have designed the new system for small & medium sized businesses to be simple to operate and to run along side their existing Quality Management System, be it Quality Guild or ISO 9000. If you are a large organisation and you wish to improve your supply chain, indeed if you are an SME and you want to be able to give yourself the competitive advantage by providing your customers with evidence of an externally accredited Quality Management System and an externally accredited Environmental Management System, give me a call on 01228 631681 or e-mail blightowler@qgbiz.co.uk

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TEL: 01228 631681
Email: info@qgbiz.co.uk
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